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Stramash and Homage ebooks

Incredible scenes. Stramash and Homage to Caledonia are now available as e-books. It’s the future. I’ve tasted it. Well, I haven’t actually got a Kindle or anything but I looked over someone’s shoulder on a bus at one once.

Here’s Stramash.

And Homage.

Stramash, 2012, me me me etc.

It seems that eight months have passed since last I updated this page. I must have had nothing to say. I still don’t, but that’s never stopped me.

Kind words continue to reach me about Stramash, and not all of them from family members. A third re-print of the book is due in shops soon, and Homage to Caledonia will get its fourth at the same time.

Both, at long last, will soon be available as e-books. We’re embracing the future. It’s just like that time I bought an electric screwdriver (which broke).

I am still chipping away at the typewriter, working on a book I’ll tell you about later in the year, unless it’s rubbish. In the meantime, my hands are still churning out utter nonsense in The Leither, latest offering here. Bye for now.

Launch of Football Memories website

For those of us who believe that there is good left in a sport that employs Sepp Blatter, the launch of Alzheimer Scotland’s Football Memories website is a fillip.

I’ve known about the project itself for a while: with extraordinary results, Alzheimer Scotland’s volunteers use old football images and stories to ignite the imaginations of sufferers. That, my friends, is what football is for.

Their new project website is an ever so slightly brilliant way in which to lose hours. It is, too, a growing record of social history and a chance for me to write about Juninho. Best of all, anyone and everyone is now invited to submit their memories.

The website is at www.footballmemories.org.uk, and my own entry here: In Juninho we trusted

Stramash at the Edinburgh Book Festival – August 17th, 8.30pm

I’ve written it in the title now, so there’s not much else to say.

I’ll be appearing alongside Stuart Donald, author of On Fire With Fergie: Me, My Dad and the Dons (‘a magnificent read’ – Sunday Herald). It could be the only event at this year’s festival featuring mention of Albion Rovers, unless Polly Toynbee goes off on one about Vic Kasule again.

Here’s a link with more details and, should you be feeling reckless, a ‘buy tickets’ option. Go on; it’ll be a good ‘un: Edinburgh International Book Festival website

The Edinburgh Book Festival logo. I bet they argued about that comma for ages.

Mark, your cheque is in the post

A correspondent has sent me this, from Dundee Waterstone’s. Which is nice.

Leith Festival event – June 16th

Get thee down to The Parlour, Duke Street, on Thursday June 16th at 7pm for a Stramash-shaped hour of entertainment that absolutely no-one is talking about.

First up, I’ll bleat about smalltown Scotland and pause to guilt the audience into laughing at what I deem to be funny bits. Later Mr William Gould of The Leither will vex me with questions, before we open up for stony silence in the shape of a Q&A section.